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Get inspired with Azadeh and her guests, to become your best future self.
To heal, to thrive, to attract the life you deserve, to be the flow in your life, to influence others to heal.
We all together can make the world better place for our children and all the generations after us.

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Get Inspired to Heal with Cesar Espino & Azadeh Podcast

Get Inspired to Heal with Cesar Espino & Azadeh Podcast

In this episode you will find Cesar Espino, Serial Entrepreneur, International Bestseller Book Author, REI, Coach, Wealth Manager &Legacy Creato telling us about his life and how he overcame his destiny and now standing tall while he shows his masculine vulnerability with rest of us.
Felt such a great honour to have this gentleman on my podcast! Thank you so much for being so honest and vulnerable, so much healing that happened that day, im so grateful to be the one who witness this.

Now I want to share this with you all

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